"Shelagh Maire," AC Design "Advantage"

"Shelagh Maire," Bob Sterne's AC Design "Advantage"

The "Shelagh Maire" is an AC Class Advantage Bob Sterne design.

This is the most exciting class to hit Model Yachting in a long time. The yachts are big, fast and beautiful, plus they are easy to sail. They represent a 1/12th scale version of the big boats that compete for the America's Cup. The design is 69" LOA, 55" LWL, 16" beam, 25 pounds displacement, with 2080 square inches of sail. It uses Bob's Boatyards' Delta-Bulb keel, and a semi-scale deck, with a large cockpit aft of the mast.

The Shelagh Maire is built from scratch using red cedar, epoxy and fiberglass for the hull and deck, and ash and mahogany for the trim. The metal detail on the bow is nickel and silver. Winch and drum cover are copper and brass. The rig is carbon fiber with mylar sails. The radio is a 3 function design.

The Shelagh Maire is extremely maneuverable, and great for match racing. Pure sailing pleasure!

Price: Sold.

Detail photos of the model below. Click on any picture for a larger version of the photo.

Would you like the "Shelagh Maire" for yourself?
Sorry, the "Shelagh Maire" is sold to a happy owner, but I can always make another similar yacht, or whatever YOU really want.

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