Model Yacht Restorations

Restoration of model yachts of all kinds, museum pieces, racers, and half models in any condition is possible.

Below are a couple of samples of recent restorations I have done for clients. My philosophy on restorations is to do as little as possible that affects the original design intent of the work, and still meets the clients wishes. The work that I do to the yacht should blend in with the original as much as possible.

This pond yacht was pretty rough when it came in. The original owner wanted it restored to the new condition he remembered as a child.

It got a lot of work, including new sails and rigging, stand, and the hull and deck completely refinished to a very high display standard.

When it left my shop, it looked like this.

I think you'll agree it's a bit of an improvement!

This next one is a carbon-fibre International A class RC yacht.

The owner wanted a complete makeover with the aim of producing the fastest, best looking yacht possible.

Work on it included:

Replace all electronics, winches etc.
Replace sails and increase sail area, using Bob Sterne Sails.
Plank decks and transom, redo bow to give more of a yachty look.

Contact me if you have a model yacht that needs a little tlc!

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