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Hand made dragon, 6.5 feet high, 25 feet long.

Dragon, 6.5 feet high, 25 feet long.

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The work consists of a 6.5 foot tall dragon, the body of which is about 25 feet long. The surface of the dragon consists of individual scales of sheet copper, copper foil, copper leaf and gold leaf.

Due in part to my long association with Eastern thought and religious practices, my work has a strong Oriental bias. Dragons exist in these cultures and in virtually all world cultures in some form or another as powerful spiritual and elemental metaphors. I recognize that the dragon is a loaded image, with references ranging from popular culture to the Bible, and while this may be problematic, I feel strongly compelled to work with this symbolism. Another strong bias in my work is a certain degree of technical excellence, and while I recognize that this too is problematic in the art world, I feel that the separation between art and craft is a rift that needs to be healed. Hopefully my work is an embodiment of both worlds.

The techniques I've employed in this sculpture are more aligned with boat building than with traditional art methods. The main form is of 3/4" plywood, laminated and completely sealed with marine epoxy and fiberglass cloth. The copper scales are applied with 1" galvanized nails sealed with silicon caulking to prevent water penetration of the laminates. The original concept was for this dragon to be placed outdoors so that the copper ages to a rich forest green.


Samples of finished pieces.

Most of these were by commission and are sold. If you would like something similar, or completely different, please contact me.



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