Friendship sloop - "Lady of the Lake"

Lady of the Lake, Friendship sloop model

The Lady of the Lake under sail
more photos of The Lady of the Lake below.

"Lady of the Lake" is a radio control semi-scale scratch-built model based on the Frienship sloop "Pemaguid." The deckworks (cabin, cockpit, etc) were designed by me to give her a more yacht like appearance. Given that frinedships were working boats (fishing) the cabins tended to be small with large open cockpits to facilitate the job of catching and hauling fish. Friendships orginated in Maine during the 1880's in the Muscongus Bay area and have evolved to current day use as able yachts.

The model is:

Scale: 1" - 5" approximately

LOA: 60"
Hull: Carvel planked in bass with teak
Transom and trailboards: teak
Rails: oak
Deck: planked in cherry
Cabin, cockpit: mahogany, maple, walnut, oak, teak, cherry
Metal fittings: handmade in brass and copper using jewellery techniques
Rig: traditional gaff rigged
Spars and mast: spruce
Mast hoops: triple-laminated steamed oak
Blocks: oak, walnut, brass, fully working

Radio control: Range approximately one mile. Allows you to set the sails with the included working handmade winch, and control the rudder. With no auxiliary power, you must rely on your skills as a sailor and the beneficent wind gods!

Price: CDN$26,500

Detail photos of the model below. Click on any picture for a larger version of the photo.

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